Saturday, October 25, 2008

Island Images

No catch and release this time. And very tasty he was too!

Cathy, the Polar Beer Girl. Having a cold one for breakfast on the beach at Los Testigos.

A man and his boat.

Night sailing from Los Testigos to La Blanquilla. So beautiful you never want to get there...

Cruisin' along under spinnaker.

Anchorage at La Blanquilla. Not tooo crowded...

Exploring at American Bay, La Blanquilla.

Even cooler snorkeling underneath!

Coral fossils at La Blanquilla.

View from the front porch on Idyll Island, tucked in behind the outer reef of Los Roques.

View from the back porch. Sunset over the island of Gran Roques.

You want good light for navigating the passes through the reef. Electronic charts for this area are off by about 500m, about what the ship in the background appears to have missed by....

The new rod casts nicely, I'm sure it will play a fish well too - some day!

A flying booby.

One year old green turtle at the Los Roques Turtle Research and Conservation Foundation on Islas Dos Mosquitos. Just about ready to be released into the ocean.
Local fishers...

Where to next?