Saturday, March 12, 2011


As we get ready to sail away from Panama, where we've spent 9 of the past 15 months, here are some pictures from our time on the Pacific side.

 A nice pair of Bonito tuna caught on the way to the Las Perlas Islands, about 35 miles south of Panama City.

 Not quite sushi grade, but not bad pan seared for Christmas Eve dinner.

 Christmas morning;  huevos rancheros and champagne.

Christmas day on the beach.

A Christmas feast aboard Idyll Island. Cathy turned out an excellent turkey dinner which we accompanied with more champagne.

 Wait a minute, that's not champagne.  Tristan on one of the most beautiful beaches we've seen. A group from a neighbouring island had just finished spending 3 days picking up all the garbage and raking it clean. A great example of grass roots care for the environment.  It was pristine, and we were the only ones there!

 Tristan wake boarding on our new surfboard. 

 And Cathy is looking good too!

After Tristan returned to school in the cold and rain/snow of Victoria, Cathy's brother Jon flew down from much colder (-35) and snowier Calgary. 

 Cathy and Jon off to explore another beach in the Las Perlas.  We anchored in one big bay, all by ourselves and explored a different beach each day - for a week.  There were a few local fishing boats in the area, but other than that we didn't see another soul.

 Our friend Elvir, who piloted us through the canal, also works as an engineer on one of the canal tugs (built in PEI).  He very kindly arranged for us to spend a morning on the tug, moving a ship through the locks. Fascinating.

 Ready to see another perspective of the canal.

 We're pushing up against the side of an 800' ship with 4000 hp, all controlled through a pair of joysticks.

 A Kuna Indian, selling her molas in the old town (Casco Antigua) of Panama City.

 Restored street in Casco Antigua.

 One of the many churches.

 We've had a great time in Panama.  But its time to move on and explore the South Pacific....