Tuesday, June 17, 2008

“Life ain’t all beer and skittles…”. Installing new solar panel controllers (Blue Sky MPPT units that seem to be living up to the advertising and delivering about 15% more output from our 480 watts of solar panels). Doing anything, even at night (so there is no output from the panels), creates rivers of sweat. Cathy had to stand by to mop up so I didn’t drip into the circuitry.

A stop along the incredibly twisty road between Castries and Soufriere in St. Lucia. The Pitons behind us. Not sure I’ve ever driven such a long stretch of unrelentingly twisty (and steep) road. Too bad it was in a little Dihatsu that was so underpowered we had to shut off the a/c to keep over 20mph on the uphills. Would have been a lot more fun in the ol' Bimmer!

Our friends Lynn and Randy of the Canadian yacht “High States”. They are from Victoria too – Finlayson Arm in Saanich Inlet. Small world. We are anchored right next to them here in Rodney Bay (that's the bay in the background - we are at the top of Pigeon Island), and are enjoying their company as we both make our way “down island”.

Cathy at the Castries market buying a “heap” of mangoes. Apparently, a heap is 4, plus we got one more as a bonus - resulting in mango pancakes for Father's Day breakfast. Cathy keeps us well fed!