Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mt. Pelee looking very benign (those are clouds – not smoke).

The St. Pierre market. We didn’t buy any fish – should have.

Anchored off the next beach South of Marigot in St. Lucia. Sailed down there from Rodney Bay where we met up with our friend Dave from Victoria who was putting his boat up on the hard for the hurricane season before heading home for 6 months. Had a great visit and some good sailing with him for a couple of days. (Seems I’ve lost a few pounds since getting out from behind a desk, in spite of the necessity of quaffing a few beers to combat the heat!).

Life is good! Cathy and I sailing along in about 15 knots of (warm) wind in flat water on the West side of St. Lucia. Boat is moving along nicely at 8+ knots. Our friend Dave took the picture, and then he gave us some sail trim advice and got us sailing closer to the wind and faster. Once a racer always a racer! Thanks Dave!

Life will be good again as soon as I finish cleaning out the almost inaccessible bow compartment!