Friday, June 20, 2008

Dave and Derek talking boats.....

Gregory the Fruitman here in Rodney Bay. Every day, rain or shine, fresh papayas, mangoes, pineapples. He blows a conch horn to let you know he's at your boat.

Well, we're still here in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Its been almost 3 weeks now - about 2 weeks too long, but we are stuck waiting for parts for our watermaker which quit the morning after we received the other boat bits we were waiting for! It all takes time in "de islands, Mon". Also, the weather is starting to deteriorate (currently rain squalls with gusts to 25 knots) and looks like it will get pretty nasty over the next week, with squalls to 50 knots and 13 ft. seas in the open waters. We'll likely stay put until it calms down toward the end of next week. Still, we don't expect much sympathy from our friends up North.

To keep ourselves amused, we've been to several Happy Hours at the various bars along the beach, hiked up to see the fort built by Admiral Rodney on Pigeon Island, rented a car to drive down to see the volcano at Soufriere, shopped in the market at Castries and swim everyday off the back of the boat. We are also doing boat chores and visiting with Lynn and Randy, who are also still here waiting for a good weather window. Had a very nice dinner the other night on their boat. We may rent a car with them and try heading to the rainforest and out to the East coast. Once the weather settles, we plan to scoot down to Bequia and the Tobago Keys, staying there as long as we can while keeping an eye out for any hurricane activity in the South Atlantic.

Gardening at 8 knots! A nice way to combine your hobbies....
En route from Martinique to St. Lucia.