Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Antigua and the Family

A nice (46") Mahi-Mahi hit the lure as we were approaching Antigua (after the weather had settled down a bit!). He put up a good fight; several zinging runs and some tail walking. Once aboard he was quickly subdued with a couple of shots of overproof rum.

They made it! Rupert, Diane, Samuel and Celeste after 36 hours in transit, they are in the dinghy for the final leg out to Idyll Island. Its stinkin' HOT (90+F) and no wind. Welcome to the Caribbean, Mon!

After a couple of days in Antigua, visiting Nelson's Dockyard, and checking out several beaches, it was time to sail to Barbuda. Some of the crew felt a little queasy on their first offshore passage. Next time we'll give them Gravol before we get underway!

Everyone feelin' good now, Mon! The beaches on Barbuda are stunning. 11 mile beach is 11 miles of powdery white and sometimes pink sand - with no one else there! Though there were tracks to show that turtles had come ashore the night before to lay their eggs.

Anyone for a night swim? Several shark suckers (not sharks), came by to see what was cooking on the barbeque. They "stuck" around for a day or so.