Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winkle Pickers

Whelk winkling production line on Nauticat. Takes a lot of whelks to make a meal for 6.

But its worth it! Cathy and Dave made up an amazing whelk soup. Dave's homemade ginger sauce (a whole jar of it!), spiced up the pot. Another gourmet seafood feast.

Dave, Jon, Maureen and Paul. Saying farewell after an amazing couple of weeks sailing, exploring, snorkeling, foraging, and partying.

Cathy and Jon enjoying the last sail (before the chaos of getting the chute down without the snuffer). It was a very good time.

Heading for Antigua to pick up Rupert et famille. Close hauled in squally conditions. Luckily, the next 4 weeks with the family on board would turn out to be squall free. Sunshine and fair winds ahead.