Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon and the Nauticat Crew

After a few days recovering from our crazy time with Neil, Christine, Russell and Jane (and restocking the wine locker), we picked up Cathy's brother Jon, in St. Thomas. We were really happy that he was able to get away from Calgary to come and visit.

Jon blows a mean blues harp. Who knew?

A couple of days after Jon joined us, we met up with the crew of Nauticat, our friend Dave Reay's boat. They had just sailed over from Sint Maarten where they had raced in the Heineken Regatta, once again beating bigger, supposedly faster boats. Wiliness wins! We all got together on Idyll Island for dinner. Mike played guitar and with Jon joining in on the blues numbers, and all of us singing along (and drinking excellent scotch - thanks Nigel and Heather!), we had a fantastic evening. The first of many we shared as we sailed, explored and partied together for the next couple of weeks.

Nigel and Heather flew over from Sint Maarten for a day, just to say Hi. It was really great to see them. Unfortunately, the good scotch they had left aboard Nauticat, had all disappeared the night before!

The Nauticat, stealthily sneaking up on us from behind. Friend Paul has the con.

Anchor's down. We gonna get us some seafood!